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Welcome to the Pocono Disc Golf Club

The Pocono Disc Golf Club aims to unite disc golf leagues and courses, in the area, in order to grow the sport. Currently the PDGC is comprised of Yetter Disc Golf league and Pinebrook Disc Golf league and their respective courses. Be on the look out as we plan to expand soon with new courses and leagues throughout the Poconos!

Join us on our Facebook page, "Pocono Disc Golf Club (PDGC)" where league members set up rounds and all league related events and schedules are posted!

News around the PDGC

Yetter and Pinebrook Points Championship

Have you ever wondered where you stack up against the competition you play week in and week out? Well for the first time every you will now be able to for both Yetter and Pinebrook! Both leagues have implemented a points system the rewards players for showing up and playing well. Point are distributed based on how many individuals show up for one league event and how many of those individuals you beat!


Both leagues points season run till the end of September with Yetter holding an end of season championship planned to run the month of October (more details to come in the future). Both leagues will offer prizes to the top finishers and both leagues will have separate leader boards updated on this website! Check them out under the "Points Leaderboard" tab or use the link below!

Yetter DGC Finished Multi Year Journey

Yetter Disc Golf league is proud to finally announce the completion of the Blue Layout! After years of fundraising, along with a generous donation from Stroud Township, the final 5 baskets of the Blue Layout were installed!

Yetter now features a 36 basket course with a blue and yellow basket on every hole. The course all features brand new accurate tee signs, directional markers (to help better navigate the course), and now two double chain practice baskets.

Pinebrook Redesign of Hole 1

No longer do you get to start you round with a simple jump putt to an island green. League members at Pinebrook DGC finished moving hole one's tee pad back to test your skill. You now get to begin your round with a 300ft, dead straight shot that is slightly uphill. Updated tee signs to come soon!

Featured Courses

Yetter Park DGC Hole 8

Yetter DGC hole 8 combines nature, tricky lines, and daring options all into one hole. Running along the hold is the Brodhead Creek with guardian trees lining the path. 

Step up to the tee pad and you have two options. Play it safe and throw it up the path but risk hitting an early tree? Or take the hyzer bomb line and throw it out over the river? Is the risk of losing a disc to the river worth the reward of parking the hole or running that ace? Come play Yetter Disc Golf Course to find out!

Pinebrook DGC Hole 8

Pinebrook's hole 8 offers a unique style unlike most other courses. Combining distance, trick lines, OB and tremendous elevation change all into one. From the tee pad you are met with a scattering of trees and a dog leg left fairway. What you can't see is the mountain you will have to throw up to reach the goat basket. Don't think you can handle the climb? No worries, the hole also offers a sheep hole with a more manageable elevation change.

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